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inputEx is an open-source javascript framework to build fields and forms for web applications using the YUI library.


All the fields and forms are configured using JSON or created in Javascript. It provides a very efficient abstraction for building interactive web applications.

Disclaimer: It is not an unobtrusive library, but has much more to see!

For detailed informations, have a look at our complete documentation.

It is built on top of the YUI library (2.8.x) and supports all major browsers. Please report your specific browser issues in the forum.

Developer Tools

Download inputex 0.7.1
(February, 14th 2011 - changeset)

inputEx is released under the MIT License.

Clone from GitHub: git clone git://


Here are some starting points for our documentation :

Most of the documentation on fields options is in the examples below :




inputEx is released under the MIT license.