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YUI 3.2.0

Thank you for downloading YUI 3.2.0. YUI 3.2.0 is part of the broader YUI Library project, which is a collection of JavaScript and CSS resources that make it easier to build richly interactive applications in web browsers. YUI Library components are released as open source under a BSD license and are free for all uses.

UPGRADE NOTE: New versions of history and cssgrids were added to the library in this release. The new versions of these components are not backwards compatible with those previously released. The old versions of these components are still available as history-deprecated and cssgrids-deprecated to ease migration to the new versions, but will be removed in a future release of YUI 3.

Getting Started

  1. Check out the examples of YUI in action. We recommend starting with the base YUI module and then move on to Node. Other utilities like Event, IO and Drag and Drop make for good points of exploration.
  2. Remember that there are full user's guides for each component on the YUI website. If you have any questions about a component as you play with the examples, check out the component's user's guide (by following any of the links along the left side of the page) or the searchable API documentation.
  3. Start building. Use the YUI 3 Configurator to configure a page for YUI 3 usage or base your exploration off of one of the existing examples.
  4. Become a member of the YUI community. The YUI team and developers in the YUI community share thoughts and solutions in YUI 3 Forums. YUI developers also contribute to the YUIBlog, where you'll find in-depth articles, videos and other great content about YUI and the world of frontend engineering.

YUI Functional Examples Included with This Download:

Along with the source code for YUI, your download includes 177 functional examples and tutorials showing YUI 3 in action. Use the list below or the menu at left to review these YUI demos — they're the best way to get oriented to what YUI can do and to grab sample code that can help you get started. Remember that these examples and more, in addition to user's guides for each YUI component, can also be found on the YUI website. (Note: Almost all examples in this distribution will work if you are browsing them from your filesystem, but some examples included here do need to be deployed on a PHP-enabled http server to function properly; if you don't have access to such a setup, just check out those examples on our website to see how they work.)

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