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The Button Control enables the creation of rich, graphical buttons that function like traditional HTML form buttons. Unlike traditional HTML form buttons, buttons created with the Button Control can have a label that is different from its value. With the inclusion of the optional Menu Control, the Button Control can also be used to create menu buttons and split buttons, controls that are not available natively in HTML. The Button Control can also be thought of as a way to create more visually engaging implementations of the browser's default radio-button and check-box controls.

The Button Control supports the following types:

Basic push button that can execute a user-specified command when pressed.
Navigates to a specified url when pressed.
Submits the parent form when pressed.
Resets the parent form when pressed.
Maintains a "checked" state that can be toggled on and off.
Maintains a "checked" state that can be toggled on and off. Use with the ButtonGroup class to create a set of controls that are mutually exclusive; checking one button in the set will uncheck all others in the group.
When pressed will show/hide a menu.
Can execute a user-specified command or display a menu when pressed.

This module contains the following classes:

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