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Module: json

The JSON module adds support for serializing JavaScript objects into JSON strings and parsing JavaScript objects from strings in JSON format.

The JSON namespace is added to your YUI instance including static methods Y.JSON.parse(..) and Y.JSON.stringify(..).

The functionality and method signatures follow the ECMAScript 5 specification. In browsers with native JSON support, the native implementation is used.

The json module is a rollup of json-parse and json-stringify.

As their names suggest, json-parse adds support for parsing JSON data (Y.JSON.parse) and json-stringify for serializing JavaScript data into JSON strings (Y.JSON.stringify). You may choose to include either of the submodules individually if you don't need the complementary functionality, or include the rollup for both.

This module contains the following classes:


Provides Y.JSON.stringify method for converting objects to JSON strings.
Provides Y.JSON.parse method to accept JSON strings and return native JavaScript objects.

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