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 * Provides a basic Overlay widget, with Standard Module content support. The Overlay widget
 * provides Page XY positioning support, alignment and centering support along with basic 
 * stackable support (z-index and shimming).
 * @module overlay

 * A basic Overlay Widget, which can be positioned based on Page XY co-ordinates and is stackable (z-index support).
 * It also provides alignment and centering support and uses a standard module format for it's content, with header,
 * body and footer section support.
 * @class Overlay
 * @constructor
 * @extends Widget
 * @uses WidgetPosition
 * @uses WidgetStack
 * @uses WidgetPositionExt
 * @uses WidgetStdMod
 * @param {Object} object The user configuration for the instance.
Y.Overlay ="overlay", Y.Widget, [Y.WidgetPosition, Y.WidgetStack, Y.WidgetPositionExt, Y.WidgetStdMod]);

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